Hi, my name is Noah. I am a 24 year old knifemaker born and raised in Seattle, Washington. My journey through knifemaking hasn't been what would be considered as typical by any means. I didn't grow up using knives a lot, I didn't have a particular fascination with them necessarily or a collection of knives. I come from a creative family which led to a natural progression for me to chase and push the artistic side of my mind. I have spent countless hours through my life putting pencil to paper drawing.


I fell into knifemaking, purely by chance. In 2018 I went through an event that changed many aspects of my life so I took on the challenge to redefine it. As I began down the road of learning about who I am, I stumbled upon a story of a guy making knives. He was living in his car making knives out of the trunk, and surfing the California coast. His story and freedom spoke to me, and that was where my path began in making.


I have been on a multi year journey learning, honing my skills, sharpening my designs, and making lifelong friends with my peers. Knifemaking and leatherworking has been an outlet that has been therapeutic, challenging, and humbling. The pieces I make all have a portion of my personal journey attached to them. I greatly appreciate your business and support.